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“Canna Flowers’ 8”x10” Art Print
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The Story Behind these Canna Flowers

When my husband and I got married, for the first 5 years we didn’t live together. He lived in Los Angeles and I and our newborn lived in Melaka, Malaysia. But he came to visit us every 6 months and stayed for 3 months. Those 3 months were like a vacation for us. So, one of the places in Malaysia that I liked to bring my family was Banda Hilir, Melaka. Melaka is my birthplace and my hometown. On a side note, Melaka is called the Historical City of Malaysia. One day we were at this park and I spotted these beautiful, bright pink flowers and took a photo of them. At the time I was a portrait artist so I didn’t bother to paint them. And of course I didn’t know they were called Canna flowers.

A few years ago I was desperate to find photo references for my 100 days watercolor challenge and was so delighted to have found this photo. So, I did a painting of them and now I’ve created a print of these Canna flowers.

This painting brings so much joy to me every day because it reminds me of my life in Malaysia. The hardship and struggles while being so far away from my husband, but also the happy memories raising our first born, mostly by myself. My son is now proudly serving the US Military (and yes, I’m an #armymom).
I want to give you this art print for FREE!
If you love flowers and want to brighten up your space in your home or office, or just want to give a gift to someone special, this art print is the perfect gift.

Simplicity is key.

In this video, I show how I frame this Canna Flowers Art Print using a simple, white frame with a mat. 

It’s a great way to show off these beautiful flowers when this print is hung on your wall.

Watch How These Canna Flowers Were Painted

If you love watching a painting from start to finish, you’ll love watching this video.


While waiting for your new art print to arrive, come color with me!

Great for you to color with your children or with a friend. Use the video above for guidance.

Get This Canna Flowers Art Print for FREE!

This beautiful Canna Flowers art print will bring happiness to your life while beautifying your space throughout the year.

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